Bellydance - Workshops are one-time events designed just for your needs and interests. A workshop can be an enrichment of a bachelorette party or a woman’s birthday party. It is an ideal option for any group of women wanting to have a great time dancing.

Bachelorette party or other women’s parties
No previous experience is necessary for this workshop. It’s all about fun. Together we travel into the world of Oriental Dance. You will learn simple steps and movements and also the famous hip shimmy will not be missing. We’ll also try some movements with the veil.
At the end there will be the  opportunity to take memory pictures  with oriental accessories.
Shakira-Dance / Oriental Pop
Learn a choreography to a Shakira song or another pop song with an oriental influence. You can also choose a song yourself and I will create a choreography and the corresponding workshop. No previous dance experience is necessary for this workshop.
Workshops you should have some previous Bellydance knowledge
candle tray
double veil
wings of Isis
drum solo
Saidi dance (dancing with a stick)
Contact me and I create a workshop measured to your wishes.